In these constrained economic times, realising the maximum business benefit from IT investment has never been harder and Capacity Management never more key in ensuring company survival and competitive advantage.


While Capacity Management enables the right amount of money to be spent at the right time and in the right place, it cannot be done in isolation; as a one-off.  To gain the maximum advantage it needs to be integrated into both the business and technology functions within a company, with continual development, and in doing so bring increasing business benefits.


Companies big or small can gain from using capacity management everyday, and IT Capability Solutions can bring proven hands-on capacity management, process development and integration to your business.


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Capacity Management in the Business Cycle

Capacity ?… I Think I’ve Heard Of That… part 2

In the previous article (Capacity ?… I Think I’ve Heard Of That… part 1) we discussed the difference between capacity and performance, and where the two overlap – which is quite a lot !   In this article when companies should start to implement Capacity Management.   Firstly, let us look at the classic business cycle …

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Capacity ?… I Think I’ve Heard Of That… part 1

Capacity, what is capacity ? Well, it seems to be quite elusive; it’s normally spoken of as something we don’t have enough of, and yet when we try to measure it we seem to have too much ? How can this be ?   Perhaps a couple of definitions of capacity are pertinent[1]: the maximum amount or number that can be received or contained. …

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